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Originally Posted by xlr88r View Post
Cheers! It's this one mate. Last of the big spenders, eh?

They're not too tricky to fit.

First up, pull up the center console trim. Go steady, and use trim removal tools - don't be tempted to jab a screwdriver under there!

With that lifted you'll see connectors for the ash tray, and where fitted, the nav controller, and auto gearbox P, R, N, D screen. It's clear how they unplug.

After that, lift the console trim out and remove the original ash - just 4x screws on the underside. Keep them safe, as the oddments tray doesn't come with any screws.

Next, I took the cigarette lighter itself out of the original ashtray. That was the toughest bit, as it's properly wedged in! To power it the wireless mat, I plugged a USB charger into the cigarette lighter then the wireless charger into that. That saved cutting any wires 🙂

The new oddments tray has a hole under the rubber mat. It's not quite big enough to feed the wireless charger cable through, so I opened it up a bit with some pliers. Not elegant, but you never see it with the charger above.

After that, refit and enjoy 👍
Thanks 🙏 Did you hide the cigarette lighter underneath the oddments tray ? Where did you get the oddments tray ? 36 upwards on eBay ?
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