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Mattstorm, apologies for some reason I couldnt get a message across to your Inbox, so here goes anyway........Drop me your email address and I'll send you some of my written correspondence which identifies to them and you what I have been through. But to answer your questions........ After the initial vists, which meant ignition coils and injectors done individually, I then had a further visit which meant 4 new injectors, 4 new ignition coils and 4 new plugs. Soon enough though the same problems were still occuring. The issues were not as severe, but I was still getting misfiring from the car. (Well I believed it to be misfires). Basically when gear had been changed (usually dropping down to second gear) and then giving it some throttle, the car would then shudder, almost like it was about to stall. During idling the rev counter would twitch about and at times it would feel like the car was about to stall.

More recently I've left my car with BMW for a couple of days while they left me a demonstrator. I went out in my car with a mechanic and service manager, and as expected it didnt really misbehave when I wanted it to. Only on one occasion though when the mechanic drove it, when he went from first to second the car shuddered, however he said he laboured the clutch a little, and wouldnt put the shudder down to a misfire, instead more a clutch issue (just to add to the mix). Anyway I left the car with them, and when it was returned they said the car had been fine for the manager who had been driving it for the previous couple of days. However they had defeated the object. Prior to his loan of it they ran a diagnostics on it, and although there was no misfires, the machine did read that one of the sensors had been "sparodically faulty". I asked what sensor and what it did but the manager conveniently didnt have that information. They replaced the sensor, had the manager drive the car, then returned it to me pointing out that there are no issues. Regardless, I maintain there is and continue to wait for a suitable replacement vehicle for me. They did offer me a couple of days ago however although it is the better V6 engine and less miles, it doesnt have leather, which for me is a prerequisite for a convertible. So things have been progressing.

I'm still a dog and I still have a bone. So this wont be resolved until I get the replacement. The car still drives like a bag of spanners, with the minor misfires every now and again, and regardless of what the diagnostics machine reads, I've lost confidence in the car, and will continue to press for the replacement, which I'm sure will be round the corner. Hope this helps.