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tuned n dropped 335xi

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Originally Posted by Patrick719 View Post
The back looks considerably lower than the front. Is that common with v1's?
The kw v1s are height adjustable, this is just how they are installed. I think I will need to raise the rears a bit when I get spacers, and if there is still clearance I would want the fronts a little lower.

Originally Posted by JS-NA.E92 View Post
Cool, how you like them so far? and are you lowered to the max?
It is so much smoother, suprisingly, than the stock. The bumps hit harder but the car stays level and doesnt jostle around. Still driving slow, so I dont know how it handles, but Im afraid to scrape anything being so new.

The rears are almost all the way down, maybe 1-2 threads left. The fronts are 6 or so threads from the bottom (according to the installer anyway).