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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
+1, the M3 stands at the top of all its competitors.

The M6 stands with a lot of other top performing cars and I would say that 3-4 years ago it stood out, but it has not kept up and it is pretty commonplace now. For the $$$ there is alot of other choices.

In Canada its price is so high that there are tons of better cars for the same or less.

BMW needs to take that next leap in the new M cars, M5 and M6 specifically. They have quite a challenge given the existing economy.

The need to loose weight, make a better tranny, simplify the car but still keep the M roots. The engine is really the strongest point of the car. If they go TT then that is fine, as long as it revs.

I wouldn't agree that the M6 ever stood out or was at the top of it's category. The only thing the M6 could claim to be really good at was acceleration and even now it still is right up there with the best of them, but else where the package was poor in execution. It's handling is substandard in this category, it's build quality and specialness is also well below the rest of it's rivals.

The problem the M6 has is it's price, for this money it's up against much better competition which isn't the case with the M3 or even the M5. BMW in my opinion seen an opportunity to make a quick buck and fitted a CF roof and some other choice equipment which did very little to improve the car's ability beyond the M5 and yet they asked and got people to spend 18K more for the expectation of superior performance that for the most part hasn't materialized.

You look at the M3 and you really can't think of one rival that offers more performance, ability, practicality or value, now try the same thing with the M6 and see just how many rivals you can come up with the not only equal it but beat it comprehensively.

Weight isn't the only problem that faces the M6, it's an 80K car that in it's own brand has a car which beats it in almost all levels for less than 2/3rd it's price. You could argue that the same thing is true in the Porsche line-up but unlike the 911 the M6 isn't an Icon and I doubt it ever will be.