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I did not actually install mine and haven't had time to feel around. Please accept, in advance, my apologies if this is an obvious question.

Does the device plug into the sensor before or after the throttle valve? There are 2 sensors in that area that both measure boost. Since the TT only modifies the signal of one sensor, why does the ECU not see a pressure difference between the 2 sensors and trip a fault? It doesn't trip one, but I really want to understand WHY.

From what I am able to gather, the TT fools the ECU into thinking it is making less boost than it is. It says to the ECU 8 psi is really only 5, so the ECU up's the boost by 3. So now the sensor with the modified signal sees 8 psi, but the sensor without the TT sees 11 psi. I suspect the ECU would cry foul, especially since both sensors appear to be down stream from the blow-off valves. Logically I would expect a pressure difference before and after the throttle valve, and imagine the ECU already takes that into consideration. But with the TT in place the pressure variation would be greater than what the ECU expects to see, wouldn't it?

To reiterate, I am really happy with my TT and continue to think it was the right purchasing decision. However I am starting to get concerned about the complete lack of detailed technical information. I e-mailed SS and asked for something more technical than their sales literature. What I got back was their sales literature. When I thanked them and asked for something a bit more technical I got no response whatsoever.

I don't expect SS to lay their tuning secrets on the table for everybody to steal and copy. All I want is a slightly more sophisticated explanation of why their product is safe.

Thank you everybody for your patience. Again, I am sorry if this question reveals (further) my lack of understanding of this topic.
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