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Add me to this list. same exact symptoms as the OP. Bought the car with 22k miles on it, it's just shy of 30k right now. What's been done (in order) Reset adaptations, walnut shelled the intake valves, changed low pressure fuel transmitter, replaced crankcase breather valve, hpfp, replaced all 6 injectors and plugs, raised the idle speed 50 rpm. It's better, not perfect, but ok. But have to concur that it is worse in wet/ humid conditions. what was weird is the throttle response of the motor was pretty variable during all this. It has the PPK1 installed so it's normally right there when you hit the throttle. But at times it would respond like a ford focus-hit the gas and waaaait, oh there it is. Would also agree that it takes about 500 miles for everything to settle down. After the injector/plug/idle speed raise, it seemed to hunt down the idle speed and the response was semi-sluggish. Now, it goes right to 650-700 every time and the response is very quick. I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this, but concerned that the problem is so widespread. I know BMWNA knows about my car, since they assisted the tech in the injector analysis, but I wonder if they realize the scope of the issue. And how many owners just think that's the way it's supposed to run?