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Drives: 2007 BMW 335XI
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About a month ago I had a misfire on cylinder 1. Read the codes, had a cover manipulation code (JB4) and a 29CD. Cleared codes, dropped it off at the dealer and they said there was nothing wrong but took my money anyways.

In the last 5 days:

I am getting misfires on cylinder 1,2,3 when it is below 40 degrees. SES is lit and I have 4 trouble codes

29CD Misfirings, cylinder 1
29CF Misfirings, cylinder 3
29CC Misfirings, several cylinders
29CE Misfirings, cylinder 2

I had my HPFP replaced in June of 2011 at 50k miles.
I had 2 injectors replaced and 4 adjusted and my ECU updated
I have not had an issue with the fuel systems since June of 2011.

If the car sits over night I have misfires when it is below 40 degrees or so. After I turn the car off and back on the misfires seem subside. But the SES is still lit.

I clear the codes, drive on and off and I have no SES light until the next morning after the car has sat. Again this only happens when its cold

I have not changes spark plugs since 50k miles and I have never swapped out coils but 3 misfires all at the same time seems odd.

Logically the injectors don't make sense unless a rubber seal is contracting in the cold weather and leaking fuel into 3 different cylinders. Does the cold affect Injectors?

Sparks plugs might make sense if they are sensitive to the cold after wear but wouldn't I be seeing this on all cylinders?

Coils shouldn't be effected by the cold either but I might be way our in left field with my thinking.

Please please please correct me if I am wrong. I am stuck out of town and need all the help I can get.

Car has 84k on it

Mods are a follows:
All installed at 45k miles

Injen Dual Cone Intake
JB4 with usb cable
Burger Motorsports Black Decal on lower front bumper