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Originally Posted by vAnt826 View Post
Eww, your probably the person I'm stuck behind when there is snow barely on the road.

Move out of the way, this FWD Camry needs to get away!

I seriously doubt it, I actually know how to drive in this crap. You sound more like the jokers I pass on the side of the road as they are stuck, including funny enough, a FWD Camry earlier today! Bwahahahahahahaha.

At least it comes across that way due to the lack of a smilie in your reply.......

I drive as fast as the conditions and my vehicle allow, which is usually quite a bit faster than what most of the traffic is going. Just like coming home this evening, and the guy in the pickup truck doing a WOT start at the light, with cars right next to him, and the tail gets away from him. He almost crashed into two cars.

But when there are cars parked on both sides of the street like a bunch of chicanes, and just enough room for a car to pass through safely, DOWN A RESIDENTIAL STREET, there is no need for that kind of speed from the Elemental Idiot driver.

But since we've and are now , I return us to our regularly scheduled thread.

Merry Christmas!

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