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Oh I'll still keep it, I just want to find a bolt on pipe with no resonator, I don't want to cut/weld anything, I need more fart haha.
My gear shift method sucks, I wait too long I think to shift and the car hesitates? I don't know how to describe it. I gotta learn/watch more vids cuz I also rely on hearing the rpm's when they go down.
I'm going to use Umnitza mult. LEDs for a year of fun then sell then get OSS, it's all worth it to me at least.

I'm trying to move to San Quentin, they WERE hiring, I missed my spot, hopefully 2012 I'll get it.

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Jason!!! wassup homie. How are you bro?
I shift gears on the auto just like with the manual, I ease out the gas a tiny bit & upshift & it comes smooth.
Regarding the OSS, I just went outside to check with my car, not a single LED missing J.
Luis @ OSS Designs said for the past 2 years, he hasn't got any return/repair/complaints.

If you delete the resonator, it'll get louder & "fart" more.
You dont like your Eisenmann S/R pipes? man, your car sounds AWESOME though, Jason. I'm jelly with you man. If my car was a 328i, I'd keep the whole Eisenmann S/R pipes & race rear muffler.
The setup is pimping keep it!!!!!!!