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HELP - Is "trim" covered under warranty??


I had my 2010 325i serviced at the Stealership yesterday and sought to have the black surround on the start/stop button assessed for replacement under warranty as the coating was pealing off. I was rung by a Service Assistant during the day who advised that "trim" was only covered under warranty for 12 months and, given my car was 2 years old, it could not be replaced.

I have checked the warranty booklet I was provided when I purchased the car and also the current version on the BMW website and I cannot find anywhere an exclusion to the effect that "trim" is only covered for 12 months.

Can anybody help me here - am I looking in the wrong place and is there some fine print I am not reading?

On my review of the warranty conditions, the car is covered for 36 months end of story so that should include the trim. Also, I wonder constitutes "trim" - is that the whole inside of the bloody car?

I am very frustrated and would appreciate any guidance especially on how to get this corrected. If I am wrong and it is written somewhere then fair enough, I accept that, I just canít find it!!!

Thanks heaps guys...