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Wow what a night I had last night. The 330 engine is so powerful, just waiting for you to lightly tap the accelerator so that she can spring to life and push you back into your seat and once at cruising speed you have to remind yourself that the engine is actually turned on - because you hear almost nothing from the engine. Handling compared to my E46 is superb and she holds firmly in tight corners at high speed .... my number plate is not on yet so uhm .... well you guys know hey!
The interior is so comfy. I have the Professional radio with idrive and nav, and although it is not logic 7, sound is rich and you can crank the volume all the way up and no distortion in sound. at 3 quarters volume you feel the bass in the floor and against your leg.
Although I do think SG is a lovely colour, there will be so many of them and my favourite is definately Arctic it is MUCH BETTER than in the pictures and I am sure will be a unique colour on the road.
So guys, for your part I hope you get your E90's SOON you are gonna love them.
I'll take some decent pics on Saturday after I have washed and pampered my car and will post them on this forum.