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What’s the point of saying “I don’t like the look of the car” etc etc, I mean its not like any of us care what you as an individual like about a car.
As for most of us, especially members on this forum have a great liking for the looks of this new coupe by AUDI. As for dynamics of the car, Audi isn't stupid to make an S model with little dynamics. After all Audi does recognize BMW as a competitor and this model was made to directly compete with the 3 series coupe. It would be illogical to make an S model that is inferior to a 335.

Some people in here have bought a 335 coupe or sedan and have the mentality that nothing that is made by competitors will be in anyway better then there rides. I mean the S5 hasn't even landed here yet and talk of poor dynamics has been hinted in posts. I know that this car has an average review by a BRIT mag/show but one review doesn't mean anything. I mean the 335 has received a lot of negative reviews but instead we had members here disagree to what has been said and still bought there cars. its sad but unfortunately there are members here who are major BMW FANBOYS. If you haven't driven the car then don’t post irrelevant comments that are easily recognisable as bullshit.

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