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Originally Posted by walbjj View Post
lol at buying accessories from the stealership. with the internest today, and with the competitive aftermarket accessories availablem why would u buy overpriced oem gear.

and at that price, the m3 looks way overpriced compared to an audi rs4 which can be gotten out the door for about $160k, NEW, optioned up
buying online and from the US and UK seems the way to go now for car parts

ok, another person who thinks the new m3 will be overpriced, what does this make now, the millionth person? exclusivity, is that what they want? they threw exclusivity out the door when they started making cars is South Africa... one could argue too that when they produced anything less then a 7 series the brand was no longer in the same league as it used to be, cars used to be only available to the super rich or famous!

Originally Posted by ritual44 View Post
I was told to expect the M-Sport kit around late Sept.
order from overseas and you would be the first on the block with it

Originally Posted by noidea View Post
is BMW a must for you. If i have the chance to do it again i will go for the Audi TT. So regret now
if you regret buying your car, why are you throwing your money at it now? all these new mods?

Originally Posted by NeoJB View Post
I'm sorry, but paying near to $200K for an M3 or RS4 is just daylight robbery. That's nearly new Ferrari money in the UK!!!
that's it, i'm packing up and moving to the UK