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As said above, watch the classifieds and keep an eye out. Also check out Tire Rack website directly to see what they have - there's a lot of options so you can look and decide what style/size/colour you want. And use the "view on vehicle" feature. It's handy.

As for quality concerns, it's all about research. Find reviews, find out how the wheels are cast/constructed. As with all things in our cars, you get what you pay for.

And I think the general consensus is, non RFT's are preferable. It's riskier in that if* you get a flat (knock on wood) you'll need a spare or a tire patching kit/compressor or a AAA membership, but non RFT's ride a lot more comfortably and I think they're less expensive too with more flexibility in size and brand options.

Chances are either way the RFT's you have now wont fit on the new rims you pick out. Unless you pick something that's the same diameter and width as your current OEM rims, so you'll probably end up getting new rubber as well with the new wheels.

There's a LOT of options out there. It's all about reading and research. Get an idea of what style and size you want first and go from there.

edit: forgot to mention since we have xdrive cars, when picking out new wheels/tires it's important to keep in mind the front and rear total/rolling diameters have to be pretty much the same (within 1% difference). Only really an issue if you go for a staggered setup, and it's easy enough to calculate, also later if you're unsure you can always just ask. Always helpful people here.

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