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iDrive crashes....common?

Got in my car this aft, started it and the iDrive screen was red for around 20 seconds, then went dark. Tried a few stops and restarts but it did the same thing. Didn't think the display was dead, or at least not the backlight. Car still drove fine. Lights work, locks work, heat works, iDrive not so much.....

Service appt would be a PITA at this time of year, so figured I'd search around looking for threads with info on any way to a reset. Battery pull, magic key combination, small hammer..

Found this one

and another

went out to the garage intent on trying eject/mute.....and of course it booted up and worked fine..........:-/

Since I don't see it discussed much here, I'm just wondering how common this is? I'm well aware that BMWs can have "occasional glitches". My old 328 used to have regular sunroof jams - the forums were invaluable in finding out how to reset it without needing to involve a dealer visit.

Are iDrive resets a common thing everyone just does? Does it even work? Just wondering....