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Need to find some part numbers

So my car just got totaled by some jerk running a red light, everyone was okay, but now im taking advantage of this and upgrading to a 2007 328xi coupe. I went to go see the car yesterday and its beautiful. The guy really took care of it, its has 86k miles on it, but everything looks really clean. Its fully loaded nav, 19in wheels, cold weather package, etc. My mechanic who is my dads good friend is looking at it, and if everything is good, we are pulling the trigger. There are some minor things though that I wanna fix right away, one of the bumper caps (the little square/rhombus looking inserts under the headlight) was stolen, as well as the knob for the nav, well the knob is there, its just exposed i guess the cap that goes over it is missing. Any idea were I can find these, is the best bet just to go to bmw and order them. How much you think these are gonna coast? Thanks guys! Hopefully Ill be getting the car on thursday and I can take some pics for you guys!