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tranny swap on 2008 335i?

Hi guys, my car is an automatic. I don't have a problem with auto but I do prefer 6mt. I know that I have should have brought a 6mt from the beggining but the actual market around here for 335s is rather "small", didn't find a clean 6mt. I hate the way the gear shifts on automatics when you redline as opposed to newer f30 models (they don't shift automaticly like nissan and infinity cars) and I need a clutch pedal in my life right now. Since the labour around here is very cheap, an auto to manual tranny swap is usually free.
Basically Automatic transmission $ = manual tranny $ + labour $.
+ My mechanic told me that he got hold of a 2k miles manual tranny from a z4 (n54) that he converted to auto. (Keep in mind keeping the shorter ratio'd auto diff) What sucks about swapping to mt is: I would loose some resale value and it would take longuer to sell since less people drive mts and I'm trying to avoid future headaches.
2k miles manual transmission from a z4
0$ paid
Lower resale value
Car actually harder to resell

Should I do it? And should I run into unexpected problems later mechanically?

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