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Originally Posted by JYohay View Post
you will also need a rear diff im assuming since people with aftermarket diffs always need the same type of transmission swap, alot of coding to the DME, and of course the interior work for the addition of a clutch, the 6MT accelerator pedal (it doesnt have the kickdown)and i believe some driveshaft and components.
not worth it at all
Yes, all of that would be covered. Btw I'll be using my automatic diff, all pedals would be replaced with mt ones, driveshaft gona be replaced too.

Do it if its only 2k. i just screwed up my transmission and fix it, i was thinking doing the same thing but it was cheaper for me to upgrade my auto i ended up spending 2k, but if i was to switch to manual i would need pedal assembly master cylinder MT transmission and and upgraded clutch ECT... for my HP numbers i would need an beefy clutch. idk i ended up with a 3500 price tag + diff and driveshaft ECT LMAO. but if its only 2k DO IT.

o.o bro I'm getting the swap for free :P NADA $ lol. What I meant by 2k is how many miles mt tranny has! The z4 that had it had only 2k miles on its odometer

Too much mods to list..