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Originally Posted by Dylan335i View Post
Let me get this right.

It's free

He guarantees his work

And you know of several cars already converted by him with zero issues.

What the hell are you asking us for again?
Because I'd loose some resale value and the car would be actually harder to sell in the future. Anyways took the decision

Originally Posted by cstavaru View Post
Before doing the auto-to-manual swap, you may want to consider flashing your automatic transmission with the Alpina B3 flash, which many people on this forum do. I read that it really transforms the way the transmission behaves, shifts are much quicker and it doesn't automatically shift at redline. The user "cn555ic" on this forum may help you, shoot him a PM.
O.o Never heard about that flash. I have actually reserved that manual tranny and if it had a bit of high mileage I would have actually considered that tune. But however, 2000 miles + free swap is actually a steal. My friend is as stubborn as a mule and wants to keep his auto, so Ill let him know, thanks bro.

Originally Posted by Mahhvinn View Post

OP, good luck bro and please keep us updated! I'm searching for a 6MT right now to do a conversion but some of the ones I found have been on the pricier side.

Will do! Ill try to take pictures of the process and take as much information as I can. Hopefully it would help you guys out.

Originally Posted by HPF 335i #1 View Post
Hey man, where is this shop at? Could you give me his contact information/web sight if he has one... i need to do a MT swap ASAP! Could you ask him to give me a quote?
Its in Lebanon. I live abroad, not in the US. The guy doesn't have a website but he's really something. He usually imports from Germany around 45 containers (40') full of BMW euro parts every month Ill post pics
Some of the prices in his shop:
390$ brand new newest gen HPFP including labour
100$ for a wheel ball bearing change inc labour
400$ for a water pump inc. labour
40$ for a set of euro coils lol (6) (with like 100miles on each)
etc etc


Too much mods to list..

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