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Originally Posted by vbmw335 View Post
Some fair points , the exceptions are becoming the norm now. I work for the largest consumer products company in the world , i am in charge of millions of $$ worth supply contracts and project negotiations, i can tell you one thing ...during the past few years china, India , South Asian Countries are delivering products of much better quality than US made products. This is because their quality , process standards all has been pushed constantly due to killer competetion on a global scale....They are also leading in innovation not just manufacturing.

China , Korea pretty much my second home...i am talking real world reading bs magazines , news media...which is biased. Its sheer ignorance if someone can draw conclusions of product quality based on origin of manufacture. Its a different world ...try living in USA with just US made products...good luck!
Labor Unions ruined US manufacturing............They are out of control. $$$$ to make something that anyone off the street with some guidance can do............or for that matter someone from another country off the street....F the UNIONS they have gone to far!!!!