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Originally Posted by vbmw335 View Post
Some fair points , the exceptions are becoming the norm now. I work for the largest consumer products company in the world , i am in charge of millions of $$ worth supply contracts and project negotiations, i can tell you one thing ...during the past few years china, India , South Asian Countries are delivering products of much better quality than US made products. This is because their quality , process standards all has been pushed constantly due to killer competetion on a global scale....They are also leading in innovation not just manufacturing.

China , Korea pretty much my second home...i am talking real world reading bs magazines , news media...which is biased. Its sheer ignorance if someone can draw conclusions of product quality based on origin of manufacture. Its a different world ...try living in USA with just US made products...good luck!
I think some lady actually wrote a book about trying to live free of "made in China" products for a year or something. She concluded that while possible, that's all it is, possible. Life without China is nowhere near convenience, cost of living will go up and countless hours will be spent trying to locate substitutes for commonly available "made in China" goods. Just thought that was interesting.

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I agree...we have the best and most productive workforce of any country...sad to see it go this way. Unions are okay and work well in several nations ....but we have union mafia ..that's the problem.