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Originally Posted by Vince@ V K Motorwerks View Post
I was sick at the price gouging that was being done.
LOL, seriously? Making a quality product in the USA vs knocking parts off in China does not mean the USA company is gouging. Simply means we have higher costs due to higher quality materials and workmanship, and American workers producing the product. Our *cost* on the downpipes is higher than your sale price. there is a reason for that.

Originally Posted by Vince@ V K Motorwerks View Post
since AR keeps eluding to the fact that they can make 30whp more. You know as well as I do that it is a well documented fact that the stock exhaust is actually very good in this car and not overly restrictive in its design.
That is not what I am trying to imply. Simply stating that larger diameter tube DOES make a difference, even on small turbos like a TD03 or a K04. Granted, some gains definitively came from losing the secondary cats - but not all of them. We have not done any specific testing on the 335i. You claim to have done so. So back it up.

Bottom line:

Claims were made that testing was done on 2.5" vs 3". Would love to see this data.
Claims were made that photos of prototypes and proper product development vs. copying were available. Would love to see those as promised.

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