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I don't think the XI can tuck in the front due to our front axle.

Update on my new wheels.
19x8.5 225/35/19 +15 rub like hell in the front even though I only increase +5 offset compare to my old setup, its because I got a different brand of tires on it that run wider.
Took of the 20mm spacer for now so the car is drivable. Order 12mm so maybe will be on next week.

19x10 265/35/19 +22 fit like a glove in the back. Really really tight though and rub slightly when I tucked all the way, the fender rub on my actual wheels. Gonna shave the fender a little more tmr to prevent that 100%

Idk if this only me though, I raised the car in the front of a little bit over that but not the rear since I felt the car pointed down too much and it made the handling horrible.
If u compare fender gaps, the fronts are about half inch higher compare to the rears but of course, overall height, the car still pointed down like half an inch. I think it the best overall handling and height.
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