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Originally Posted by morfinx
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My F10 535i brought new last year, will be expected to worth half of the car price in 3 years.
So in 3 years, my car will go from $58000 to $29000.
It is impossible for any maintenance to cost me $29000 dollars in 3 years. Which means you will never save any money in buying a new car.
If you can, keep the car 10-15 years till it die. That will save you the most money.
That sounds too low. 3 year old 335i should go for low 30ks.

Leasing is also another option for people who always want to have the latest and greatest and want to always be covered by warranty.
Well in a year and 12000 miles, my 535i dropped from $58k to $44k. I lost $14k value in one year's time.
All I could say is BMW 5 series depreciate fast, way too fast.
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