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Originally Posted by astra View Post
Mine did...

Wow such a response from accidently double posting WOW, all of the pics were in the first thread. Astra I see you have made over 3,000 posts how many of those have been for telling negative nancy's to stop double posting. Don't you belong on like an E46 forum or something or do you come to the E90 forum just to see all the pics of the godly e90, if you ask nicely i'll let ya come round sit in my car and push the starter button. Whens ya birthday?

And why do you double post anyway by having a picture of someone elses car in every single one of your posts. Whos the double poster now!!!!

To the other repliers there are pics in the first thread and it was bought on EBAY USA just search under Air Intakes it should pop up.