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Ok, so I took a photo of the plastic tab. As you can see from my first photo, the green arrow shows the metal piece on each side of the tab which grip the pin on the trim. As I was told my a BMW employee (the parts guy), he said normally when you take the trim off, the tab should remain on the door panel. However, in my case 5-6 tabs were still stuck on the door trim when I pulled the trim out. To put the trim back onto the door panel, you should remove the tab from the pin on the trim and place the tab into its designated location on the door panel, then you insert the trim back onto the door panel. But, to remove the tab from the pin on the trim, you really need to be carefull because that tab is stucked on the pin pretty good. To remove the tab, take a plier and squeeze both side of the plastic tab (the red arrows in my photo). That will release pressure on the metal area (green arrow) and that will allow you to pull the tab straight out (you still need to put some muscle into the pull process). Don't pull at any angle (must pull straight out) or you will break the pin on the trim.
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