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Originally Posted by m1bjr View Post
If you blow the motor and you are not using an 'approved' oil of the suggested LL01 and up, I suspect you'll have some major claims issues.

For that reason alone I would keep to a LL04 approval oil regardless.
BTW, nothing to do with longevity, but all to do with emissions and deposition

If its under waranty, why risk it?
If you want stay with LL04 the best you can get for a 335i is the Fuchs Titan GT1 5W-40.

49 for 5 litres from opie oils.

However, the Titan Race Pro-S oil exceeds all the lubrication specs of the GT1 but being a more specialist product has not been longlife04 tested, this should be no matter if you are doing short oil changes and do not require the longevity.

Looking at the data of the oil used and regular changes there is no way BMW could deem any issues to be due to poor lubrication when you have exceeded their spec both in terms of quality and quantity.

If they would even check..... which i doubt it.

Think of the millions of fleet cars out there 'supposedly' on longlife oil (mainly diesels) and how 99% of users top them up with Asda Value 99p oil!

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