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Originally Posted by san6279 View Post
I am considering buying a new (second) set of 162's for my summer setup, but am a little hesitant because of what I perceive to be a lack of finish durability with my current 162's.

To all those with 162's, what is your opinion on the durability of the finish? For some reason or another they just seem to be more prone to scratches and scuffs than what I am use too, even though I use MF mitt to wash (~every week). The matte finish, which I like, just seems to have a fairly thin clear coat and therefore more easily "damaged". Was wondering how they compare to other BMW or aftermarket wheels.

Appreciate any opinions. Thanks.
Wow, I love mine.
Have you used a Protectant or wheel wax??
You know those wheels face lots of Rough Duty.
I need a new one--rt front after 16,000 miles.

There are a Few other BMW 18' wheels that i like as well.