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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Very nice motors mate!!
Originally Posted by xs2man View Post
Indeed. Very nice motors, and a very nice write up too.
Cheers chaps

Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
The RRS is a beauty and I love the interior, am slightly surprised ou haven't managed to get the deal of the century ona new model FFRR! You seem to have done well on the depreciation front too.
Thanks Peter....yes, the RRS seems to be one of the better depreciators out there, especially if you avoid the initial hit.

The new FFRR is not on my list as it's just too big (and expensive....even I have a limit!) for a girl who barely comes up to it's waistline to drive everyday. It is after all supposed to be the missus's car!

Originally Posted by scottc View Post
Great write up on the RRS, I have to admit I do like the model you have but I hated the one before that due to the low rent interior.

Now that jag is awesome, I have a real soft spot for the XJ and that I interior is stunning. But it would be very hard to choose between them, the 4x4 feeling is hard to move away from. It brings you back down to the same level (height) as everyone else and that's something I think you would miss (I know I would). I think the RRS and the XK give you the balance, just a shame they both drink fuel..

I have a feeling that I am going to feel the same way about fuel, going from a 2.0 Tdi TT to a 3.0d X6 will be a bit of a shock
Yep, the original RRS interior was a bit gash and you're right, the height / size of a 4x4 has appeal. I never really 'got it' before but am kind of a convert now.

The current XK/RRS combo does have a nice, if expensive, balance which is hard to change now we're used to it.

Nice choice on the X6 BTW....I came very close to getting one of those instead of the RRS. Indeed, the main draw of the RRS was being to able to buy it from my excellent JLR dealer which is worth it's weight in gold alone....oh, and pressure from the Mrs who just pretends to be a WAG. The concept somewhat falls down though....I don't even like football and she has to work!

Originally Posted by briers View Post
Great write up again

1 car is driven by politicians, the other by drug dealers and yummy mummy's. I've always loved the RRS and I think it compliments the xk perfectly.

I'd admit that economy is pretty dire but to be expected in something so big and heavy. You clearly work hard and you only live once. You just need to fill it with little nuts now.

My mrs likes 4x4s and she has had them for the past 6 or 7 years now, never a RRS despite her pestering. It's really liberating knowing you can drive anywhere or do anything in the car and it swallows up tonnes of crap and kids in the process. We used to spend a lot of time outdoors and go places you wouldn't have to worry about the simple things like dirt tracks, potholes and even parking in damp fields and grass verges.

As you say the new model is much lighter, carbon body or something? Should make a huge difference to drivability and economy.

On another note, I'm frankly amazed your mrs would even let you consider chopping the RRS in for something else, she must love it.
Little 'nuts? Mmmmm....not sure I subscribe to that idea yet!

New model is all aluminium hence it's much lighter and will be MUCH better!

The Mrs has what she's told to have and is happy with it Now, whilst it isn't quite that simple, I am extremely lucky in how 'tolerant' she is!

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Yup, 4x4's (or other high-up soft-roaders) are great for family wagon's as they just shallow up all the shite a family need, problem being you just lazy and take everything away with you meaning it's difficult to go back to a saloon, etc.

I was wondering whether Vicki had a say in this decision. She's got enough on her plate with Andrew to be frank (his OCD meaning he has to line-up his chips on his plate parallel to one another, etc) without stealing her motor too. Then again, when 'her' car is being used for commuting, at least she's alright slumming it in the Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. Still makes me laugh when I think about that arrangement and her co-workers faces when she pulls up at work in the XKR-S. My wife used to sometimes take my 335i & 350Z to work years ago when they were the latest & greatest, and even the Maserati upon occassion, and that caused enough of a stir at the time but they weren't brand new 100k weapons .
Oh shite goes in my car. Did you not see the lines on my boot carpet I don't line my chips up though

Vicki has been really worried about using my car for work in the last few weeks....her company are in the process of making 'cuts' so she thought if she turned up in my car, it would be deemed that she didn't need her job and would be disposed of I'd argue that she'd need her job even more to pay for it!

Originally Posted by mjh93sa View Post
Should we start the book on how long until the XJ?
Can't see this being to'd take a brave man to bet against it!

Originally Posted by xs2man View Post
I feel for your conundrum. Can't be an easy decision to make.
Originally Posted by Frobius View Post
Heh, 1st world problems eh?!
I know, I know.....what to do huh?

Originally Posted by phil200tdi View Post
Wishful thinking to expect you'd average 30mpg+ from the RRS!
I may have been a bit optimistic but I'd have expetced to get this on my average 70-80mph motorway run through!

Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
I would get one just for the Meridian.
But I am a little biased...
The only system that has never got Fiona saying 'Turn it down a bit!!'.

The way they manage to give the dynamics but keep it controlled at all volumes is superb and very clever.

I also happen to think the XJ is the best all round car on the road at the moment. I would love one, never been a Jag fan, but had one for an afternoon and was smitten. Very impressive luxo barge.
I do love your AV insight probably see and hear things that I just wouldn't notice which I'm sure must be frustrating at times. The sound system is awesome and when I dropped the XJ off this afternoon (with Eminem pumping out of the Meridian system), I immediately put the same song on in my car to compare. Well, I thought the B&W in the XK was as good as it got for standard-fit car audio but, compared to the Meridian, it was 'soundly' beaten! You 'feel' the song more from the XK's B&W system (the bass can be felt in your chest which I always stood in front of really loud subs at a concert) but thats probably down to the acoustics of the smaller cabin. Outside of this, the XJ's Meridian system was crisper, less harsh and a lot more powerful.

Anyway Gizze.....if you're reading this, I'm still waiting for your recommended Sony HX923 calibrated picture settings

I know it's quite amusing, but I really don't know what to do as I like the RRS but as has been said a few times above, the XJ is impressive. If I'm honest, I'm surprised at the overwhelming positive response it's got on here as I thought I'd get some piss-taking for being a fan of it!

Well, I returned the XJ today and although I got straight back into my XKR-S, if I'm honest, for the first few miles (of mainly motorway driving), I think I preferred many aspects of the XJ diesel, not least the gearbox (whilst the 6-speed ZF box in mine is good for an automatic, the 8-speeder ZF is DCT-good), interior, audio/telematics......lot's of things really. Then, I left the motorway and had the opportunity nail it round a roundabout - normal service and opinion then resumed and was reaffirmed when I got out and looked at it! For a small moment on that journey, I went mad.

My plan that I mentioned above? If I get an F-Type (and I'd now even consider a convertible one as it looks that good in real life), my missus will be delighted and I can then have free reign to get whatever barge I see fit!

Going back to the RRS for a moment, you may have seen this already but I meant to attach this video to my original post which shows what crazy things this car can do! If you doubt whether it is that steep (and is instead the camera angle), just watch it coming back down which pretty much confirms this as genuine!

By the way, how do you embed a video into a thread rather than just show a link?
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