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Originally Posted by fxie View Post
Yes, the base warranty is honored (CPO is not, however), and no you do not need to go through BMW Canada or do any major modifications (cluster changes, etc etc). The only thing you need to do is get the recall letter and make sure to activate your DRLs.
I would seriously talk with the local dealership before you import from the US. I know others have posted that they have had warranty repairs done in Canada on their US car, but this has not been my experience.

I am an importer and would love to just pull from the US to offer my clients the best value, but in my experience BMW will not honor any warranty unless you follow their importation procedure. In the past customers have been hosed with needless changes that are required for BMW to "Canadianize" the car. Many have complained of cluster and HVAC changes costing thousands of dollars. These changes are not required by the RIV.

If you find a dealer that will service it without following their procedure, great. Otherwise, I would try to confirm with your local dealer before you buy.

The reality is that the CDN wholesale prices have been coming down since parity has become the norm. The issue is that retailers are not passing on this adjustment to you. I now generally look to the US for availability, not price as for me the difference is not worth the effort an additional costs.

Just my 2 cents.