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Yikes. Major bummer but like you say, coulda been worse.

Just the other day someone rolled off I-5 in Seattle, on fire, and parked in the first parking lot they could find. A gas station. Then set the gas station on fire. Burnt it to the ground. Yes, people are that stupid.

IIRC there was also a "battery cable" recall years ago where the main + goes into the back of the fuse panel, which is only inches away from the blower motor. I also believe that neither recall properly addressed the cause of the issues:

The blower motor wiring recall replaces the blower speed controller and its input connector and wiring with a waterproof version instead of fixing the persistent water ingress issues. My blower motor wiring melted down a couple weeks ago so I haven't had heat. I pulled the fuse since it kept sparking. I haven't had the recall done yet. My bad. Honestly, I have a job that I need to get to. How am I supposed to get the recall done when they won't give a loaner?

The old battery cable recall had the tech examine, IIRC, the cable and termination and replace if they were brown/burnt. Doesn't fix the issue of poor/corroded interconnection causing a slow overheat and meltdown. Either need more secure connections, stop making things out of flammable plastic, and/or temp sensors on high-current interconnects (this could also help with the blower motor issue)

And before you say "who honestly thinks they would put temp sensors inside high-current interconnects just to monitor for corrosion": Ryobi, known in the USA for cheap DIY-quality cordless drills available only from The Home Desperate, uses a temp sensor in the stem of the battery to monitor the temp of the terminals (in addition to the typical cell temp sensor). Yes, a cheap drill battery has interconnection temp sensing. No reason $50k cars that catch fire shouldn't, especially with its smart, PCB integrated fuse panel.

Also, I can't resist. For Sale: E92, low miles, tasteful performance mods, always garaged, cracked windshield and paint needs some TLC with a clay bar. Tires have tons of life left. Serious offers only; please no low-ball.