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Originally Posted by 335dFan View Post
I have always assumed it was just low sales volume that caused BMW to stop 335d sales in the USA, but I can't help but wonder if they knew about looming problems with the engine. And it begs a couple of questions:
1. Is the X5d engine experiencing similar problems, and if not, what is the difference in the engine configuration?
2. What has BMW done with the new engines in the 320d and other models that are being introduced in the near future?
The only difference with the X5d as far as I know is engine load.
The prevailing theory is this: Since the SUV is heavier, the engine is more heavily loaded all the time, and diesels need to be under load to prevent carbon build up. There have been a number of suggestions to drive the 335d hard (wheee!) to prevent buildup.

But, there's also the EGR recall, which might prevent the issue from happening as well, but I don't think there are enough data points to make that conclusion, especially since the EGR recall work would have to be done before carbon buildup is an issue.

So far it seems the 2009 and 2010 models are most likely to have it, possibly because the 2011 didn't have enough miles before having the EGR work done.
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