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I replaced my struts and swaybar bushings this past weekend and I can still hear the crunching sound when cold, going over big dips or going too fast over speedbumps. On a positive note, the struts I replaced were the original ones from the car with 230K+ miles on them and were a mess. Car feels much better now! Though that creaking sound is still there.

Ball joints, thrust arm bushings, and control arm bushings all appear to be OK with no cracks, no slop, no free play, but it's still possible that one of those is causing the issue. However one thing for certain on my car is that the engine mounts are trashed and I'm thinking maybe that's the source of the noise. I get too much vibration at idle. If the mounts are collapsed and the rubber insert is cracked, the engine lifting and dropping when driving over bumps could be causing the creaking sound.