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Not sure what you meant. Does the transmission shift into gear or not? Even if the transmission does not go into gear the gear shifter most likely will still move. So the car is not moving in D or R, but does the correct gear letter show up on the dash?
My 2009 328xi stopped shifting in reverse last stopped shifting into drive as well.
Yes the gears shift
If it is the GM transmission, then it might be the common manual shift valve problem. This is a cheaply made valve with a weak dowel pin that easily breaks. It is a $25 part, but you will have to drop the valve body. Sonnax has a better made all metal one like $60. The video below says you might have codes: 56B, 56BB, 56BF, 56BD. You may be able to get the transmission into fail-safe mode and drive it by shifting back and forth after warming up and limp in to a shop. Or just have a flatbed come out.

BMW has been using GM transmissions for a long time, but I wish they would just use ZF even if it costs more, seeing the corners GM cuts. Not that ZF is without its own problems.

Oh no, it is a PoS Aisin valve body! How cheap can GM get?

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