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These posts (and the encompassing thread, are also quite helpful and an extension of the above)...

Originally Posted by tim_melgin View Post
First off, thanks to alexwhittemore for getting me pointed in the right direction and for all the information regarding wiring. It is with his initial knowledge that I was successful in adding bluetooth to my car.

Respectfully, I believe I have discovered a better and safer way to activate/code bluetooth in cars that are being stubborn. This method does not involve resetting/processing the entire car. I was very reluctant to reset all the modules in my car for fear of having a problem and because I had no desire to lose all my custom coding. As well, it was my belief that modules like the airbag module should not need to be touched to add bluetooth. Finally, coding with a blank .man file is considered bad form. Here's my alternative.

1) Add $644 to the VO with FA_WRITE. This needs to be written to the CAS and the NFRM. These two modules both hold the VO for redundancy and both need to match.

2) The MULF2 and the 2URAD are on the optical MOST loop which is inaccessible using a DCAN cable from NCSEXPERT. This means coding these modules directly is out of the question. They can be reset with NCSEXPERT though, and if the VO of the car has changed, they can be updated to reflect the new options.

3) To reset module defaults and to avoid coding with a blank .man file, you need to make a new profile in NCSEXPERT. Start with revtors profile or expertmode profile and under file, select edit. The password is repext. Click "FSW/PSW" and uncheck "FSW/PSW Manipulate with FSW/ file", Click OK. Click "profile info" and give the profile a unique name (I chose "reset defaults"). Click OK and then under the file menu select save as, and give the new profile a new file name.

*almost done*

4) Load your new profile (it should already be loaded from the last step, so this isn't strictly necessary). Press F1 then F3, choose your chassis, press OK, press F6. Select F4 (process ECU) and select 2MULF. With the jobname set to SG_CODIEREN, execute the job. You will get an error that the job didn't work, fear not. Change the ECU to 2URAD and again execute SG_CODIEREN. You will get errors again. Don't worry.

5) Change job to SG_RESET and execute the job. You will notice your stereo screen go blank. While it is resetting and the screen is blank, quickly change the ECU to 2MULF and make sure the job is still SG_RESET. Execute the job.

6) You should now have the TEL option in your radio menu, and you will still have all your previous custom coding (if any). If you do not, try SG_RESET on the 2URAD and 2MULF again, and do them quickly back to back. There should be no need to have the car "sleep." If you are successful, it will be right away.

There you have it. Blank .man files should be avoided. Step 4 from above is the preferred method for defaulting any module, because NCSEXPERT will rebuild the .trc file and upload it based on the values it reads from your VO. Make sure your daten files are up to date, as this will eliminate the root of many coding issues people experience. At the time of this writing, I am using v50.2. (I think there may be even newer, but this one is still recent to 2013).

P.S. I know it's bad form to resurrect an old thread, but this one is the one that comes up when searching for how to code an e90 for bluetooth. Best to put this info where people will see it.
Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post

FINALLY got my E90 bluetooth coding to work! (I haven't done the retrofit, wanted to make sure I could code it before I spent money on the hardware)

Backstory: I have a late 2009-produced 328i. It HAS SA6FL (USB) and Professional Radio (2URAD) but NOT bluetooth, voice, or BMW Assist.

For a month I've been trying to code the thing. Nothing I tried worked. I added $644 to the VO easily enough (see Changing the Vehicle Order, attached), but nothing I tried could get the radio to respond to the updated VO.

Yesterday I tried downloading Revtor's profile for ncsexpert and "coding the whole car", but that didn't work either. Finally, I realized there's an "SG_RESET" job which I could do for the 2URAD module successfully, but it wouldn't take even being reset (which did complete successfully).

So finally, today, I realized that a bunch of people talked about "coding with a blank .man." Here's what I did.

1. Open NCS Expert.
2. File>load revtor's profile
3. F1, then F3, then E89, OK, CAS, OK (as usual)
4. Back
5. At this point, open FSW_PSW.trc, clear it, then save as FSW_PSW.MAN
6. Process Car
7. Other functions (F5, I think? At this point I'm going from memory, but I don't want to re-flash the car)
8. Load from FswPsw (as usual)
9. Process car (again).
Here, I got an error on the 2MULF (as you normally would trying to SG_CODIEREN it). I lost hope. But in desperation:
10. Change job to SG_RESET
11. Process Car. This now resets all modules one by one.
At this point, the radio restarted and I realized there was a TEL option in the menu. YIPPIEEEEEEEEEE!

I was able to pair my phone by putting it in the trunk in the back right corner right next to the MULF. Without an antenna, the BT signal propagates only a couple feet. I had to run back and forth from the dash to the phone to go through the pairing menus and whatnot, but in the end it succeeded.

I was able to place a call to the phone and answer in the car, though obviously I couldn't hear anything coming from the car/phone end since there's no mic attached at the moment.

I buy clock radio, he cannot AFFORD clock radio. Gret Success!

Now, to redo all the coding I previously did.


Edit: Just finished gjimmy's car. Ended up doing the same process - initially, coding the CIC (idrive) with a blank .man file (revtor profile) brought up the 'telephone' option, but clicking it just got us 'please wait' indefinitely. Coding the whole car with a blank .man (revtor) didn't do much (I don't think) but doing a SG_RESET on the whole car caused a nice big light show as everything reset, and the iDrive came back up ready to play ball.
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