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Originally Posted by Marin_Oil_Burner View Post
Hey there BMW335ie90. I recently hit a deer with my car, but good news is they gave me a new hood an front bumper and left headlight! I need to replace the fog lights now as one of the lens looks nice and the other is pitted. I live in Marin county and the road I go down doesn't have street lights so was thinking about the Morimotos.

A few questions...did you get the resistor and splitter? I assume the resistor is to assist with throwing codes? Not sure what the splitter is about. Can you share your setup? Thanks in advance! Scott
I responded to PM but figured I'd copy this over here incase it would help anyone else. The Morimoto fog lights come with the same plug that the OEM fog lights have so they are plug and play. I coded my lighting module to accept LEDs so they would not throw any codes or flicker.

If you do not know how to code this option you will likely need the y splitter and resistor to prevent errors.

Originally Posted by lowrydr310 View Post
I like this idea. How's the beam pattern and cutoff?
The beam pattern is pretty good but do not have a super far throw distance. Cutoff is crisp with a lot of blue/purple, they sharper than my OEM LCI Headlight frensel lenses no doubt. Since the fog lights are very close to the ground it can be difficult to aim them for maximum distance while also not dazzling other drivers.
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