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Does it also happen during hard braking?

I had a sliding sound in my car and it turns out that some coins fell out of my pocket and made their way into the air duct that supplies AC/heat to the floor in the back seat. Drove me nuts for a week!

The coins would slide in the plastic duct that runs under the floor during hard acceleration or braking. The noise would resonate up into the dash air vents so it was not obvious where it was originating from.

So here's what I did...
Went to the end of my road, accelerated as fast as possible to slide the coins as far back in the duct as possible. Then I coasted into the driveway and used a coat hanger, flashlight and a toilet snake to get them out.

Bad design if you ask is very easy for things to fall into the air duct because it is a bit lower than the carpet.