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First HDPE Event. Cooling Suggestions?

So I did my first HPDE event this weekend at the East track at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, AZ. I've got a FBO 2008 E90 335i with stock sports suspension.

Saturday consisted of 3 - 15 minutes heats. The first one was mainly just getting familiar with the track. The second session got a little bit faster with more instructor feedback. Then the third session got even more fast paced, but it was around about 103 degrees at that time.

At this point I noticed my oil temps were running around 270 and my power kept going away and I would loose all boost. Looks like the JB4 was continuously cutting the power in order to prevent the car from going into limp mode. I would slow down and take it easy, and power would come back on, but then kick right back off after I started driving it hard for a little bit. At the end of the day I got bumped up to HPDE2.

Sunday was 3-15 minute sessions as well, however, this time I was a lot more family with the track and my car. Even during my first session at 7:00 AM when it was about 80 out I was hitting oil temps around 270 and kept experiencing sudden power lost again. This happened for all three sessions. It put a damper on the day, but I still feel I learned a lot and got plenty of experience.

I really enjoyed the event and plan on tracking as much as I can. I was originally going to upgrade to some coil overs, but it looks like the oil cooler is going to have to be the first upgrade. What are everyone's experiences with the different brands? Being in Arizona and seeing frequent 100+ temperatures, I was thinking the ER Competition dual oil cooler would be the way to go. I also read somewhere that certain people claim an upgraded radiator would be a better first choice in order to help cool the engine block, which in turn would help reduce the oil temps as well.

Any suggestions? Would an upgraded radiator or dual oil cooler be the way to go?

Also, I ran just DCT on, and noticed traction control kicking in real hard around pretty much every turn, which made the exits a lot slower than they could have been. I am assuming an LSD would the best route to go to help power out of the turns?

Thanks for the help!