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Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
Well my car has 12K on it, its a 2011 X-drive E90 335i 6AT and decided to take it to the track two days ago... it was 90F and humid so the track was as sticky as can be. When I drove up to the line, all you can hear is my tires sticking to the track! So I have my stock RFT - held the brake in with my left foot and flatfooted the gas... RPMs only goes up to 2.5K and when i release the break, the car turns nasty and launches pushing me babck into the seat where i can feel my heart beat against my spine

Anyway, my question is that for the first couple runs i believe i used the paddle shifters to shift at 5.5K rpm where i believe my optimal shift point is from my logs, but a couple pulls later, it did not want to shift at all from 2-3 from either using the paddles or the shifter in DS manual mode... Could that be that the X-drive transmission gets so hot that it does not want to shift full throttle in that gear? or is that an actual problem with the car? It shifts fine in higher gears where I want it to though...

One of my 13 Runs that night...
If it was heat your trans would go to 3rd gear by default and throw up a gear symbol in your dash. If it happens again, put it in drive and see if it upshifts at redline.

Sounds like you need to have it looked at if it happens regularly, never heard of any other XI or I doing that.