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I'm in town from Oregon on business (Muay Thai seminar). I'm staying at the Lionsgate in McClellan, and while I was out looking for a place to eat I hit a f@$king median! I chunked up the sidewalls pretty damn bad and I know that I cracked at least one wheel, but I'm betting that I got two.

I have tires from America's Tire that are guaranteed so if I can find an America's Tire I'll be ok there, but I'm worried about the wheels. I have Gunmetal VMR CSL's on the car, 8 1/2x19 in front and 9 1/2x 19 in the back.

So my question is, where the hell can a brother find wheels that will work in this town? I'll only need two in that size. Here's a few thoughts..

1) does anyone have rims in that size that they are looking to sell? (I'm on a budget)

2) does anyone have some old rims and tires (stockers) that I could "rent" for the trip home on Sunday night? I could have them shipped back the next day. I'd be happy to pay for the privilege. I certianly wouldn't screw anyone over, I'm a man of my word.

3) Does anybody know a place in town that I could buy matching rims for my car?

Sorry to bug, but I'm kinda screwed here. I've got 3 employees riding with me and I've got to get this shit handled by Sunday morning, and I've got a shit load of training to do in the next few days. Thanks in advance for any ideas people!!

My name is Chad and I can be reached at 503-949-2188.