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Originally Posted by E82TT6 View Post
IMO the Republicans are done after the Bush disaster for another 8 years. They only have two canidates that can compete with Obama in my book, Ron Paul, and McCain, and I doubt either will get the nomination. Even if they do, I think the Democratic canidate could just pull the "I'm less affiliated with W" card, and win. I think his presidency will go down as one of the worst in the history of our nation, especially if things in Iraq take as long to resolve as I think they will.

The Republican party is starting to turn more and more into a party that panders to religious extremists, really scary. I'm worried within 20 years or so, we'll end up with a theocracy, the way a lot of these newer republicans are talking. The moment a politician allows their view on religion/mythology/fables/etc to influence their vote, is the moment our system has failed.

It's kind of funny, now a days, the Rebulicans are so far to the left it's frightening, and the Democrats are leaning more right than anything else.

Sorry, I don't really mean to be rude but totally disagree with your analysis. If you think that the Democrat's obsession with government spending is them "leaning more right", then you might want to consult the conservative rule book. :wink:

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