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Originally Posted by supLOL View Post
He better be. If not, then I suggest you prepare for your first murder, OP.
Seems like most people are not as tough as they act. Even on Wicked Tuna, there are $5-10k fish at stake, and all the fishermen do is try to intimadate the weekend warriors who are fishing "in their numbers."

I remember being in college going to a friend's house (he's a douche like that Scott guy on the Kardashian show lol), taking out his Boston Whaler, and having these fisherman screaming at us being too near their pots. He told them to go f*** themselves and they got even closer, but they were still afraid to do anything physical (c'mon Ritchie Rich has Ritchie Rich lawyers too).

People are all talk. And when they're not, that's when you have an escalating situation....