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Originally Posted by Chris.G View Post
So that makes it okay for them to kill civilian aid workers that were supposedly armed with clubs and knives (footage i viewed only showed chairs thrown). These guys were trained commandos with automatic weapons, the least they could have done was shoot legs or arms to disable the so called attackers. There were four Australians on board journalists and aid workers, one of the journalists had been shot in the leg. I really have a hard time believing a journo is a threat to Israeli seal team. I can’t wait till we can get the findings of the U.N investigation into this matter.
Chris you are funny. Im not sure where you are getting your info from. However if you look at this video you see the automatic weapons you are talking about were actually paintball guns. However the commandos were armed with pistols. You will even see one of those pistols being taken away and thrown.

Don't take this the wrong way. I am not trying to pick a fight with you however you are looking at this from a totally different perspective. You are viewing this as a normal human being with emotions which is the right thing to do. You heard civilians were killed and that played to your emotions. From a political and military standpoint Turkey got what they wanted. the focus isnt on what Turkey did but on what Turkey wanted to do and how the Israelis bungled it up. But make no mistake about this....this wasn't about bringing aid to Gaza. This was more to see how the US will react....this was to show the middle east that Turkey is an up and coming power in the Middle east and this was to test how far Israel would go. This entire ordeal was a well calculated and orchestrated event by Turkey

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