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Suggestions on steering noise when cold

I have a 2007 335i 4dr and have been noticing a strange grinding sound when going slowly and turning sharply. This only happens when the weather is below 40 degrees. The sound is metal on metal, its definitely mechanical. My steering fluid is full and when I had it checked out before the mechanic couldnt find anything wrong with it.

Today it was about 35 degrees. I noticed the noise in the morning and swung by the mechanic at lunch just so he could hear it. After listening to it for a few minutes, he said it sounds like it may be the rack. I understand this can be a pretty pricey repair and just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same issue with their car.

I trust this mechanic but the nature of the problem (only when cold, only when moving slowly and turning it very tightly) makes him unsure until we get it on the lift which I plan on doing soon.

The car still corners like a champ, I haven't noticed any degradation in handling at high (high ) speeds. Any ideas? Thanks guys.