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Originally Posted by thatdudejim View Post
This actually happened to me this morning when it was 10 degrees out. Does your steering wheel feel really stiff too? I have a 2007 328xi with 83k miles. After my car gets going it gets better, sometimes I can still feel it there though. Not really sure what's wrong with it but I would like to know as well. Checked the steering fluid also. I notice this happens more often when I am around half a tank of gas. The last time this happened I was under half a tank of gas and when I went to fill up with 93 Shell it went away.
The steering wheel feels normal, and it cant have anything to do with the gas in the tank, its definitely coming from the steering. It does get better as the car heats up though. If I drive for about 20 minutes and go to park, it doesnt make the noise until the car cools down again.