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If you had dm'ed me on here I would have responded faster as I respond to all forum messages same day. im running behind on emails 2-3 days.

As for the phone, as the automated messages say, im not taking any calls in order to catch up on emails. It also informs customers to call our support line for help with an existing order.

I do not remember our call of course, but if you ask for the refund policy and amount I would have told you. But since I do not remember the call, im not going to accuse you of lying, instead, I apologize if there was a miscommunication during that call.

Be safe and good luck with your build

Just to be clear, you posted a thread and EVERYONE turned against you because you were being unreasonable. You ran away from your own thread.

Now you are lurking in a different section to make a bad comment about me for some kind of revenge. Hope it felt good
LOL , “everyone turned against you”, no Mike, not everyone, but if that makes you feel better of managing your business the wrong way, be happy. Your rude response confirms my point, you don’t have a clue about customer service, you don’t give a damn about customer complaints about how poorly you manage communications and how bad you reply to complaints. And NO, I didn’t run away from my thread, I made my point clear and I don’t need to be replying back to those who were there trolling because they weren’t able to read literally what is written. My complaint was based on your poor communications and lack of interest on your replies.

Congrats, you just re-confirmed my point. Your customer service can be compared with other sellers in here like Getbmwparts and it’s not a surprise, you lose. And, if you’re going to reply back, man do it, I make my point really fast and don’t need to say the same thing 100 times, so if you feel that me not replying back again after being clear about my point is “running away” from the thread and that makes you feel like the “winner” of the conversation and “the best customer service” ever,