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Random coolant leaks even though the system holds pressure

I have a 2007 335i and I just replaced the intercooler and radiator, I took it for a test drive and everything was normal even after the car got hot for about 15 minutes, then I got the low coolant light and when I got home and turned the car off all the coolant dumped out of the drivers side. I ran a pressure test to 20 psi and it held it for about 30 mins before I removed the tester. I refilled the coolant and did the bleed procedure again and drove around and got the car hot again with no leaks. Later that night I went for a cruise and after about 30 minutes I stopped to idle for a few minutes and when I started driving again the coolant light came back. I came home again to see it slowly dripping from the drivers side behind the lower far left grill. The top of the engine is dry and I can't seem to locate the leak underneath the car because by the time I get it jacked up to look a majority of the coolant is already gone. I am baffled as to why it's leaking even when it can hold perfect pressure. Any help? (This is my first post so if I put it in the wrong spot I apologize in advance)