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Originally Posted by bluewater328 View Post
Did you replace the hoses or the o-rings for the hoses when you did it? Those o-rings aren't very good the second time around.

Next point would be to check the plug (the one that holds the drain plug). If that was over-tightened or if it wasn't put in completely it can leak. Also, what radiator did you use? Some have two plugs and require different lengths for different applications: ie. For an automatic 328i the Nissens requires long plugs inserted on both sides vs the long and short that's installed by default.
I did not replace the O-rings. That would make sense as to why its leaking only on cool down. Where could I buy new O-Rings, do the harbor freight metric O-ring kits work? Or is there a kit I can buy, I can only find kits on ebay, not sure if I should go with that. Also my radiator is the Duralast one from autozone and had the drain plug preinstalled when I opened the box. I loosened and retightened it before installing it just in case it wasn't done properly and I'm pretty sure the long one was installed but since the coolant is out and Ill have to jack the car up anyway I'll recheck that. Do I just need to check the plug or pull the whole drain plug assembly out?