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Originally Posted by chazzz View Post
I have a 2008 BMW 328i with approx 146,000 miles. The rear tires are wearing-out on the inside. I believe that all of suspension components are all original (never replace since it was a new car).

Obviously, I'll have to replace rear shock absorbers. What other parts should I replace - like long arms? trailing something?

Once the parts are replaced, I will get a new set of tires and four wheel alignment. A regular alignment shop should fix the rear camber links to prevent rear tire wear, correct?

The tires on my 328i are not staggered (all of them are in same size, these tires can be rotated).

It was my son's car (21 years old). I bought this car for him about 4 years ago at 100k miles. Recently, I bought him a 2018 Dodge Charger, so I am keeping the 328i as a "beater car".

Anyway, I need to know which part should I replace (rear suspension only). I did all of the work in the front suspension (all new parts).

thanks -chazzz
You will always get rear inside tire wear on BMWs, they have an insane amount of camber from the factory on purpose to prevent over steer. That being said, new control arms and trailing arms wouldn't hurt. The last alignment I had my rears were at -1.8 degrees and I took them down to -1.5, which is more reasonable. I believe the best they can do within spec is -1.3, but maybe its worth it to ask the shop if they can get it closer to that range instead of the other end to help out with your tire wear. I'm sure you know because of the front suspension job, but make sure you torque the bolts at ride height, I suggest measuring while the car is still on the ground (ask me how I know. Lol).