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Thank you Mak. I've got a few more thing to figure out yet before i will be happy but i'm really please that i have my sound back.

The sound is really quite good and i have yet to fine tune the settings but the warning tones when a door is not shut properly or the hand brake is left on is ridiculously loud.

I am going to remove the head unit again and try swapping the audio boards and see if that aligns the volume levels. My guess is that the music system is coded as a HiFi system (low voltage) but the warning system is coded as base stereo (Higher voltage). As the base coded systems produce speaker level outputs i assume this would cause the difference in volume levels.
If my guess is correct would a recode to HiFi fix the problem?

My system currently uses a JL Cleansweep to normalise the audio signal. If i have my system coded to HiFi would there be any benefit in leaving the processor in place or should i remove it. Also i am running an Infinity 6 channel amp and i do not if this is an amp that can accept a balanced differential inputs.

Can anyone point me to a post that explains what balanced differential means.

I'm using the cable that energises the aerial to remote switch the cleansweep and Amplifer on and off. It works but it not ideal because this solution switches on when the doors are unlocked rather than when the head unit is switched on, and powers down roughly 5 minutes after the you have turned the car off and locked the door.
Can anyone identify a relay which is sensitive enough to sense the low voltage that comes from the speaker feeds from head unit. i am thinking of using that to switch the amp on and off or does anyone have an alternative solution.

Sorry for the long post but as one question get answered it raises another.